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A quick family history album

I’ve posted most of these on the Descendents of Julia page in Facebook, but I wanted to have them available here, as well.

Now that I’ve figured out how to use the media and gallery functions, I’ll be posting more, here, over time.

Julia Tomina Peterson, circa 1915. Ross Schimmels in the US Army, stationed in Italy in 1946. Ross and Ruth Schimmels in about 1934 – the heart of the Dust Bowl. Wedding day for Warren and Ruth Vance. Wedding Certificate of Henry Schimmels and Julia Schimmels (nee Peterson).


We had been considering a new car for about 6 months, and specifically been thinking of a Dodge Charger. I had been riding my motorcycle almost every day this summer to work. Then on a Wednesday about 3 weeks ago, we had a very unusual weather event. About 2:30PM in the afternoon, I heard thunder! […]

Let the music play

I’ve been updating my skills with regard to this blog site, and am starting to tackle media. Here is an original song of mine, “Bikes in the Snow,” that I recorded on my Mac, playing all the instruments.

Bikes In The Snow