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The Death of Civility

From the lineage of the inventions of Morse and Bell, we are now inundated with instantaneous means by which to communicate. Of late, one such means has been the growth of social networking sites on the internet. These sites, while they may vary in the specifics of who they attract, serve to form more far […]

Class warfare can show up in the strangest places

Recently, the local newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, published an article on efforts to open a local wilderness area, Mount Um, to the public.

In it, Representative Mike Honda – D, Campbell, is quoted as saying, “Why should only rich people have a view? It should be available to everybody.”

The problem with […]

Time to get busy

I started this site while on vacation on the island of Kauai, and once mainland, have allowed it to languish. I’m back, and while no promises are made, I anticipate updating this a little more often.

I still have not purposed this for anything other than my musings, but it will most likely run far […]